Session proposal (Make): Digital History of Science special interest group?

I propose a Make session to start establishing a special interest group for Digital History of Science. A special interest group could facilitate networking and communication among scholars that use or are interested in digital methods, organize sessions at future HSS meetings, and help disseminate the results of digital scholarship in the history of science.

We could use this session to draft a statement of purpose and come up with objectives and action-items for creating the group.

Who’s game?

3 Responses to Session proposal (Make): Digital History of Science special interest group?

  1. I like this idea and will suggest that we follow this up. I am sure that HSS would be receptive creating an interest group in digital history of science. I know that scholarly interest in this area is building rapidly, am willing to bet that we will have strong support from different quarters.

  2. Surprisingly though, we had supreme difficulties getting our digital history sessions approved. In the end the organisers asked us to recreate a program for Friday afternoon, which we managed (it’s not on the program yet, but we have a double slot with a break – very grateful for that). I definitely second the idea of a special interest group, to position our research in the rapidly increasing field of DigHum and see where we make the difference.

  3. I support this idea completely. I’m excited about developing a digital history of science group and helping to spread ideas and tools to others. Let’s make this happen.